Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Death by chocolate (2)

Okay, I just finished the rest of the Cadbury selection box (barring the Buttons Treatsize (75 calories), which I won't eat on ethical religious grounds - cruelty to buttons).

So add to the tally:

Cadbury's Dairy Milk: 110 calories

Cadbury Flake: 135 calories

Thank you, Secret Santa.

And good night all.

I'm so embarrassed

A colleague just asked for a bottle opener and I was ashamed to discover that I don't have one with me.

I do have 3 sets of nail clippers, though.

Death by chocolate

Cadbury's (Finger of) Fudge: 110 calories

Dairy Milk Caramel: 225 calories

Crunchie: 185 calories

Cycling into work: pointless