The McSnaffle Manifesto

Coming soon!

A collection of statements, rants and articles that form the McSnaffle Manifesto.

Things like this...

Doughnuts should be eaten hot.

The best way - really, the only way - to eat doughnuts is fresh from the oil, dredged in sugar, hot and crunchy-soft, sticky, sweet. Yeah, you can buy a bag of doughnuts from the supermarket, but they're not worth eating; doughy, cold, stodgy, thick, heavy.

The fact of the matter is: sometimes things need to be fatty. And hot.

And as for the cookies and muffins they peddle...just don't bother.

I'm never bored

I mean, I am, sometimes.  You know, every now and again. But not on this blog, sister. You deserve better than that.

Passing Acquaintance is bored.

How many times have you seen a status update like that on Facebook, or Twitter, or your preferred Web 2.0 excuse-for-human-contact social networking site? Well, not here.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your personal guarantee that Jaffle McSnaffle is never but never bored, tired or hungover.