Monday, 19 February 2007


Tartiflette for dinner to night, made with potatoes from M. Trotin's garden, and a very well-travelled Reblochon cheese.

Onions, sauteed in olive oil, with chunked potatoes and lardons of gammon, were combined with white wine, creme fraiche and no thyme (instead mixed herbs) before being placed in an oven dish.

The travel-weary Reblochon cheese was then halved laterally and placed on top of the mix, and left in a 190 degree oven for around an hour.

The smell of the cheese pervaded the house, as we peeked inside every so often. Not acrid, but unusual. Not unpleasant, but strong. The finished dish was delicious, and three people (3docs) made a very sizeable dent in an enormous serving.

Accompanied by a green salad made with mache and chicory (from Mdm. Trotin's garden), a very satisfying meal.

"Produced from the day's second milking, this cheese measures 14cm across and 3–4cm thick, has a soft centre with a washed rind and weighs an average of 450g. As proof of its being well-aged in an airy cellar, the rind of this cheese is covered with a fine white mould. The optimal period to savour this cheese is between May and September after it has been aged six to eight weeks. It is also excellent from March to December."


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