Sunday, 27 May 2007

This Weekend I Have Mostly Been...

On Sunday I rejected the Devil and all rebellion against God.

Then I repented my sins, and submitted to Christ.

And all of that before 10:30am.

Yes, I became a godparent for the first time today, to little Mark Dylan, and I am immensely proud to have been asked. I will do my duty to the absolute best of my ability.

The standing in church bit was a little weird, as you might imagine, but the words didn't get stuck in my throat, I wasn't suddenly consumed in a column of flame, and I managed to avoid getting an attack of the giggles.

All of which leads me to one of two conclusions:
  1. There is no God. Whatever I do is up to me, and I can - must! - adhere to my own moral code.
  2. There is a God. And He approves totally of what I am, and what I do, according to my own moral code.

The happy fact about these two conclusions, is that I'll be continuing as I am.


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