Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Are you a loud-mouthed racist bigot?

Why not come to Sauna World at Coral Reef?

You can lounge about like a lord, sharing your tedious small-minded views with everyone else - whether they want to hear them or not!


Graham said...

Did you have a bad experience here, perhaps?

I'm interested to see that adding the suffix -rium to the end of a word indicates "humid with mood lighting and relaxing eucalyptus essence vapour"

I'll see if we can have some changes here and turn this into an officerium...

Jaffle said...

However did you get that impression? :-)

Interesting use of the suffix. Especially since aqua (as in "aquarium") is already pretty humid.

Graham said...

i'm sure it's the aqua- that adds the water in aquarium... ;)