Friday, 2 November 2007

Tastes like chicken

...but it isn't chicken, not really.

The conditions that intensively farmed indoor chickens experience during their short, miserable existences have been widely documented for some time. And for a number of years, it has been my decision to choose free range birds whenever I buy chicken. Yes, there is a small price difference. But there is also a significant taste difference, and a massive ethical difference. If I eat chicken a little less often as a consequence, the result it that I savour it even more, and make the most out of every scrap.

The Chicken Out! campaign aims to raise standards for chickens, and for those of us that eat them. Why not pop over to the Chicken Out! website and remind yourself of the issues? You might even want to register your support for the campaign.

I have. After all, to use a well-worn phrase, I'm worth it.

(More on the abuse of poultry)

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