Monday, 21 January 2008

Grapefruit Soap

There's something very disturbing about the smell of grapefruit soap.

Except for this one detail - and I realise that I do sound like a picky old bugger - the hotel I stayed at last night was pleasant enough, if a little soulless. It's quite new, you see, having opened last August, and whilst clean and well-decorated - in a very nice setting, to boot - it does lack a certain character.

But its target market is probably the conference crowd - it's the only hotel of that sort of size in the area - and it does fit that bill admirably well. And given that a conference of sorts is the chief reason I was there, and also given that I was not paying for my room, then I really am staring into the mouth of an equine present by making the comment above.

It did smell bloody strange, though.

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