Sunday, 26 October 2008

I just don't get Strictly Come Dancing

I don't understand the appeal of Strictly Come Dancing, I really don't. It baffles me why people are so eager for it, so fervently drawn to little-known people failing to dance well, week after week. And I really enjoy the film Strictly Ballroom, so I'm not a Dance Fascist.

I've seen scraps of the show for the last couple of weeks, and on the basis of that experience it seems very repetitive; as far as I can make out, I've seen the same people doing the same dances in the same outfits. And just as badly.

I'm also horrified by the length of the show - running for some 16 weeks, it seems, which just seems flagrant, excessive. And there's a results show - absolutely crammed with filler - the day after the main event (I watched it). Apparently there's some sort of update broadcast on a secondary channel every single day.

I mean, what's all that about? Some kind of elitist Big Brother?

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