Friday, 21 November 2008

Bodyflying is not skydiving, obviously

"We're here to do a skydive," he said as they presented themselves at the registration desk.

"No," I thought. "You're here to rattle gamely around inside a vertical wind tunnel. It's not a skydive on account of the fact that there's no sky. Or diving."

I guess that's me; a stickler for accuracy. Some might even say pedant.

But really, that guy is going to go home with balls the size of grapefruits, and tell his mates he's done a skydive. He hasn't, any more than standing next to a tank full of pelagic carnivores is "swimming with sharks".

Do not misunderstand me; bodyflying is a huge amount of fun. But to confuse it with skydiving, even in the pub with mates one is taking bragging rights several yards too far.

I guess those savvy marketing people are due a big bonus, though, for coming up with that winning phrase "indoor skydive".

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