Sunday, 15 February 2009

We found happiness in IKEA

I have previously visited the living Hell that is IKEA. Indeed, the last time I visited such a place, in Sweden, the land of its conception, the visit was pleasant enough. On this occasion, however, it was far closer to Hades than I had remembered.

We had been in there but a few moments before I turned to The Sparkly One and said

"I've just remembered."

"...that you hate IKEA?" Did I detect a tremble in her voice?


"Let's get out of here."

Seizing one another's hands, setting our jaws to Stern, we battled our way through the showrooms, heading for the signs that said EXIT. Finally, we reached the market place - the vale of thorns through which we had to journey to reach our promised land.

At the sight, I quailed. I turned to TSO.

"Hold me." I pleaded.

"Take me home," she replied.

We fled.

But there was, finally, light at the end of the tunnel; Kalles Kaviar in the Food Market, treasure beyond belief.

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