Friday, 27 November 2009

Mixed Naan: When Fusion Food Doesn't Work

At the restaurant last night, the "mixed naan" was advertised as having "green chillies, minced lamb, cheese".

If the thought of cheese and lamb makes you a little queasy - and it should - then you may have assured yourself with the thought that this was an Indian restaurant, and would surely use paneer, that slightly sour cheese that works so well in Indian cooking.

You would probably not expect cheddar cheese melted on top of the bready-meaty-spicy platter.

Putting aside practical considerations - how did they manage to cook that on the inside of a tandoor oven?, for instance - this was, simply - obviously, a Bad Idea.

So bad, indeed, that my Naan Partner took one bite, and discarded her share. I managed to eat around that cheese that I couldn't scrape off.

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