Saturday, 4 September 2010

Will the Real Jaffle McSnaffle Please Stand Up?

There's a lot of talk recently about being a doer rather than a talker or about being scared to do something but doing it anyway. Perhaps it's the change of the seasons and weather, as September takes us into the cooler months. Or perhaps I've just noticed it because I'm sensitive to it at the moment.

Writing has been a big part of my semi-private life for a long time now, and I've been putting off the important and scary (and necessary) step of making it public. On August 25th I made and acted on a decision; I publicly announced (well, tweeted) the location of my "serious" / professional blog, and made a public commitment to write at least three times a week.

And I've been doing just that.

It's been hard work, unsurprisingly, finding the time to write - I'm not short of inspiration, and the temptation has been to charge off in a hundred different directions. I have a lot of notes. But making time and space to sit down and organise my thoughts into the semblance of something I'm happy with, something I'm prepared to release into the wild - it's been a challenge.

It's also been enormously exciting and uplifting and I'm very pleased to have done it thus far.

The added spice is that I'm doing it all under my real name - no hiding behind a thin pseudonym any more. So what I'm putting Out There had better be super good; it's got my name on it.

At the moment I'm writing on three topics that probably all deserve their own separate blog. And I've not settled on a title for the endeavour yet - but as Chris Guillebeau says"dreams first, details later".

The title can always come later. Besides, Blogger is already starting to annoy me, thinking it knows better than me what I meant by particular HTML markup, and binning what it doesn't like. So I might need to think about registering domains and getting back into WordPress.

The happy fact is that I am writing, and telling people about it. There's no hiding here.

I've also been delving into the statistics and details of this blog, and the most popular post rather surprised me - generally found via google, it seems. So I've tweaked a couple of the archive pages to bring out some of the other content, which I'm particularly proud of, and I will be continuing to write here, almost weekly.

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