Thursday, 10 April 2008

Too many shirts

I've just done the ironing.

I have so many shirts that my wardrobe is crammed. If I lived in a cartoon, the sides would be bulging comically, much like a tin of surströmming (and I'd have sound effects every time I blinked, or was particularly surprised, or saw a fine-looking woman. But that's not important right now).

The point is that the wardrobe is so full that I've begun to consider using the dry-cleaners as a temporary storage space. I've devised a cunning rotation system: by keeping some of my shirts at the cleaners (and perhaps some at the ironers, and yet more in the laundry basket) perhaps I'll have enough space to fit the remainder in the wardrobe.

Or perhaps it's time to have another Review-Gi-Oh.

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