Friday, 27 June 2008

Guerilla composting

I am not a litter lout and I do not like those that are.

It is clear to any right-thinking individual that littering is Bad. Who wouldn't be irritated by the cigarette packet - or chocolate wrapper - flung lazily from a car window? Or the ashtray, emptied onto the roadside whilst waiting at a redlight? Or the countless other petty acts of fly-tipping that are perpetuated on a daily basis by the small-minded?

There is a school of thought, however, that regards a particular variety of littering as both beneficial and desirable - specifically, the discarding of bio-degradable waste in hedgerows and other natural habitats, where it will naturally, and perhaps even productively, decompose. These are not acts of littering, the argument goes, but of guerilla composting - an act with positive consequences for the green environment.

So if you must discard waste of an organic, bio-degradable nature in the shared spaces and places of our environment, don't be a litter lout. Be a guerilla composter.

Update: Funky Iron Girl writes:

"Chucking a banana skin in an English hedgerow is bad; bananas don't grow in England. Surely the only composting should be of native biodegradables? So that'll be apples and pears me old china. And the odd plum..."

She's quite right, you know. So don't throw banana skins in English hedgerows (you might want to chuck them in the road, or use Welsh hedgerows).

If you're not a fan of littering, you may be interested in the Stop the Drop campaign, being run by the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

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