Friday, 13 June 2008

T-Bone Steak for a Friday 13th Dinner

This evening, faced with the rare prospect of a night on my own, I pondered my options for the twilight hours. There was, I knew with heady certainty, a decent bottle of red wine at home, awaiting the attention of my eager senses, and I resolved to find a suitable companion to perform the role of dinner for me that evening.

So it was that I found myself in the local butchers, asking for a "nice steak for my supper". When asked what sort I required, I replied briskly, "a t-bone".

Surely a prince among meats, the t-bone is a cut that features, as one might guess, a T-shaped bone to one side of which lies the cut usually known as sirloin - well-marbled and flavoursome, and to the other, fillet - lean and delicious. It's two steaks in one (Take 2 steaks into the kitchen? With T-Bone I just cook and go!).

Alas, there were none to be seen within the bowyer of delights that was the butcher's counter, but quick as a flash he replied, "I'll cut you one."

In a moment, he had fetched from his larder a huge side of meat, which he laid upon the block and adjusted carefully ready for the impending procedure. Meeting my eye with a raised eyebrow, he placed his thumb on the meat to indicate the size of the cut he was intending to make, and I confirmed with a short nod.

A few moments later I was skipping from the establishment, clutching fully 22 ounces (some 600g) of prime beef. Although it's not that clear, the picture below shows the fine, thick slab of meat, atop a 8.5 inch (21.5 cm) plate. The fillet is to the left in this picture; the sirloin to the right, with the wide strip of fat attached.

I cooked it as simply as possible; 2 minutes on a high flame, 10 minutes over a medium flame, in a cast iron griddle. The result was gratifyingly delicious; the fillet buttery and meltingly tender, and the sirloin tasty and rich although perhaps a touch over-cooked for my usually-sanguinary tastes.

I served it with some saute mushrooms and a crisp salad. Perfection.

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