Monday, 2 June 2008

Of ducks and hooks

One of those days.

A well-known restaurant takes reservations "as far as two calendar months in advance", which is another way of saying that one needs to make a reservation exactly 2 months before the date one wants to dine there.

This fact is the chief (nay, sole) reason I spent 40 minutes this morning dialling and re-dialling (and re-dialling again) the number for the reservations line before I managed to get through, followed by another 6 minutes listening to hold music. At which point, I was connected to a lovely, helpful human being.

The connection to which I have just alluded occurred approximately 1 minute after I realised that I was telephoning a day early, as my birthday is 2 months tomorrow, not 2 months today. Consequently they were, alas, unable to take my reservation.

But I do get to enjoy the process again tomorrow :-)

Later on, I finally got 'round to raising the saddle on Flora, a simple task long overdue. I even took her for a little spin, which turned out longer than anticipated (due to lack of supplies at the first place I visited), and a good deal wetter (due to an unexpected rain shower). Neither of which, I should note, spoiled my enjoyment of the outing.

So it was that I arrived back at McSnaffle Base with a cheery smile on my damp face, and began to return Flora to her special hook - high up on the wall out of weather and harms way but ready for a fixedwheel adventure at a moment's notice.

It was at precisely this point that I realised that the new height of the saddle bumped into the ceiling, and prevented the frame from being secured on the aforementioned hook. A hook which is secured to the wall with anti-theft screws, the kind that can be screwed but not unscrewed.

I believe I allowed myself a chuckle at this point, before putting Flora into the shed - a good deal less accessible, but also a good deal warmer. Lucky girl.

In other McSnaffle News, if you can handle the excitement, I went shopping for jeans today, and discovered that I have gone down a trouser size (measured by waist rather than inside leg). Indeed, I have practically gone down two sizes, being able to wear jeans fully 4 inches smaller than I have been accustomed to for the past ten years. In short, I am now apparently more svelte than I have been in well over a decade.

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