Saturday, 2 August 2008

The Innocent Village Fete (no Clanks)

To Regent's Park today for the Innocent Village Fete. It's an attempt by the smoothie company to recreate the feel and flavour of a village fete, complete with duck herding and welly wanging. Only this one's in a London park. And it's a great day out.

I went last year, and had a splendid time drinking in the sunshine with my friends. This year I was keen to see more of the fete stuff, and less of the queue for the beer tent. Consequently (although due more to a sudden rain shower than any real design), I can report that the performance by The Fairey Band was superb, bringing their own brand of "acid brass" to Regent's Park. My favourite was their rendition of the KLF's What Time is Love?

Afterwards, a pleasant ramble through the Park, a few choice morsels from the food vendors, many of them leaving behind Borough Market for the day, and a chance encounter with friends. All in all, a very satisfying day.

Alas, the Clanky One was delayed at work, and we missed the opportunity to meet up. Oh intemperate Fate!

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