Monday, 11 August 2008

On making coffee

I generally make coffee using the French press (or cafetiere) method, it being the most transportable, simplest techniques available to me. I even have a fab insulated cafetiere mug that's perfect for camping, and unbreakable to boot.

Of late, though, I have begun to ponder the need for some sort of automated coffee machine that offers the benefit of repeatability. I couldn't say how many cups of coffee I have that I am disappointed with - all made by me, with the same equipment, the same coffee, the same water...but - judging by the different flavour - some aspect of the process slightly, subtly different.

I don't want one of those soulless "pod" type machines, though, where coffee is produced from hideous little thimbles, the UHT-milk cartons of the brew-it-yourself coffee world. I want a machine that takes in beans and water, and delivers - via a wonderful alchemy - fresh, flavoursome dark beverage.

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