Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Announcing the Great Shirt Review-Gi-Oh!

My nephew likes to play a trading card game called Yu-Gi-Oh! (I think the exclaimation mark is part of the trademark), the rules of which are impenentrable to me, and seem to change in order to favour him winning whenever he plays against me.

This very game provides the inspiration for solving my shirt problem: the Great Shirt Review-Gi-Oh!

Instead of coolly and rationally picking the shirts I wear least, or that fit poorly, I've come up with a scheme both cunning and laborious. I'll wear every shirt for a day - that's one shirt a day for the next two weeks - and do a little comparison between them. I'll evaluate them for fit and fabric, for colour and style. It'll be like a play-off, Top Trumps for my wardrobe. The ones that don't make the cut get donated to a charity shop of my choosing.

I won't pre-judge the outcome, just let it happen and see where it leads.

It's time for the Great Shirt Review-Gi-Oh. Let battle commence!

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