Thursday, 14 June 2007

SotD: Thursday 14th June

Today's shirt is a sort of maroon-burgundy, far nicer than it sounds, with a cutaway collar and squared-off double cuffs. True to form, it has the terribly common formal placket. Dunno about you, Reader, but I'm getting a bit tired of that particular detail.

I wasn't expecting to enjoy wearing this shirt - in fact I'd already lifted it out of the wardrobe to be recyclified - but I surprised myself 'cos it's pretty nice, actually. Despite that, it doesn't score very highly, as we peruse the vital statistics.

Vital statistics:
Price: 2/5
Colour: 2/5
Fabric: 3/5
Fit: 3/5
Total: 10/20
Special features: Formal placket, side gussets, removable collar stiffeners. Nothing new here.

Review-Gi-Oh! summary:
For: Funky colour. Goes well with black jeans.
Against: Too damn large on the body, like all the rest.

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