Tuesday, 12 June 2007

SotD: Tuesday 12th June

Today's shirt is a Mason Poplin pink shirt with a blue check by Charles Tyrwhitt.

The French cuffs are squared, rather than rounded, and it has a classic collar and a formal placket. Crikey.

It's a teensy bit large on the body, but the sleeves are just the right length.

Vital statistics:
Price: 3/5
Colour: 3/5
Fabric: 3.5/5
Fit: 3/5
Total: 12.5/20
Special features: Formal placket, side gussets, removable collar stiffeners.

Review-Gi-Oh! summary:
For: I love this shirt. Like the colour, like the fit and feel.
Against: Nothing really, slightly large on the body. It's a keeper!

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