Thursday, 22 May 2008

The cure for Facebook fatigue

I recently discovered a transforming experience, one that has liberated my mind from many unwelcome distractions and freed more time in my schedule. One that has given me a very satisfactory air of smugness I can enjoy in most social situations.

I have, in short, deactivated my Facebook account.

This deceptively simple act has proven to be emancipating beyond my expectations. I feel energised, enthusiastic, effective once more. I sleep better; I achieve more. Friends have commented on how well I'm looking, how cheerful, how toned and tanned and terrific.

Best of all, in those horrible social situations where Other People begin discussing Facebook or - worse yet - extending a finger and silently poking one another (simply ghastly), I can assume a robustly superior air, and loudly declaim my recent abandonment of the Temple of Timewasting. Their usual reaction is a kind of respectful horror. I can see from their eyes that they're wishing they could do the same, but are trapped by their fear.

Sensing an opportunity, I'm currently working on a personal development/empowerment/self-help book based on my experiences.

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