Friday, 9 May 2008

I could not be more excited

Eggs, eggs and more eggs!

Whilst wandering through the Friday market this afternoon, I came across a stall selling a variety of eggs: from ducks, chickens, and - wonder of wonders - pheasants!

Pheasant eggs being one of my top three Must Try Eggs (the others, as you must be aware, are Ostrich and Peacock), I immediately bought some and rushed home to find my camera.

The picture shows, for comparison, a duck egg (from Grazed Knuckles's pink and white ducks), a pheasant egg, and a chicken egg (left to right). The rice is short grain brown rice, if you need to know.

The dark-green colour of the pheasant egg hasn't really come out in this picture. You can see the size difference, though, and the sharp pointy top.

Tomorrow I shall conduct a tasting experiment!

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