Thursday, 15 May 2008

A word from our sponsors

You may have noticed that little column on the right, below the "Blogs I like" links. It's captioned "Ads by Google" and has precisely 5 - yes, that's right, five -website advert linkythings beneath it.

It's not there by accident.

The ad links themselves are automatically generated by Google, and are related to the content of my blog entries (which explains why so many of them are food-related). For every one that a reader - that means you - clicks on I get a couple of cents. Wooo.

This is not a sponsored blog, and never will be. I blog because it amuses me, and any costs I bear myself. I was interested, though, to see what sort of response - what sort of payback, I suppose - I would get from the adverts, and intrigued to see how much of a fraud I would feel by doing it.

We're still in the data collection phase of the study. Nevertheless, if there's any advert that interests you, and you feel motivated to click on it, I thought you might be amused to know that a bit of money is going to a good cause. Well, eventually, theoretically. There's a minimal earning level before I get a cheque, or a check, or however money gets changed from American dollars to Great British pounds. And we're a long long way from that.

I do know that I like your comments much better.

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